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Turn ON/OFF Light from anywhere

Finding it lazy to Turn ON/OFF the lights?

Want to turn Device ON/OFF at specific time?

Set alarm to schedule ON/OFF devices

Scared to enter a dark room?

Turn light on automatically when you enter a room

Some minimized App


Thank You!


Turn on AC remotely

When you are coming back to home during summers to cool the room before you arrive.


Auto-disconnect charger

Device will auto disconnect on full charged. It will help in increasing the battery life of devices like mobile phones and laptop whose batteries deteriorate because of overcharging.


Monitor Energy

Energy consumption of different types of Devices will be monitored in our server and we can give detailed bill summary with power consumption and money equivalent consumed by different devices. Since we will have data of different devices which can help us review different devices. E.g which company AC consumes less power. It learn from user habits, lifestyle and schedule, to automatically suggest ways to use electricity efficiently.


Timer for water motor

Water in most of Indian homes come in odd hours which makes people to wake up and turn on motor. Our smartplug can turn on motor on scheduled time and can also take feedback from motor that water is coming or not. It will turn on if there is no water in the pipes on scheduled time.


Presence detection

You phone will turn into proximity sensor which will turn on the lights when you are in room and turn off when you leave that room.


Let us know your creativity with tagPlug.

  • Presence Detection

  • Turn on AC remotely

  • Auto-disconnect Charger

  • Alarm

    Set alarm for water motor

  • How will you use tagPlug?